Rent a conference hall

Modern office-room, designed for 120 seats

Broadband Internet for online broadcasts

Multimedia projector and large screen

Flipchart, acoustic system

Convenient location in the city center, own parking

Coworking place for 30 seats, guaranteed compliance with social distances in quarantine conditions

Our prices:

Lease of the room is 1-3 hours 460 Hrn./hour
Lease of the room is 4-6 hours 430 Hrn./hour
Lease of the room is 7-9 hours 400 Hrn./hour
Lease of the room more 2 days 370 Hrn./hour
Additional equipment (rental cost per day):
multimedia projector 350 Hrn./day
Speakers (2 pcs., The specified rental price for 1 pc.) 350 Hrn./day
Wireless microphones (available 2) 200 Hrn./day
Flipchart Money free
In case of re-lease of the hall during three calendar months, a flexible system of discounts applies.

Additional Services